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Autum Skincare

November 03, 2022 3 min read

Autum Skincare

Tips for Happy Skin as warm weather gives way to crisp, cool, autumn days that could dry and damage your skin

Autumn is a wonderful time of year.  Crisp mornings, falling leaves and cosy evenings all conspire to make the season feel special. And, of course, there is all the fun of Halloween to look forward to. But a change in the weather can also challenge your skin, so you need to take special care as the days draw in.

When the central heating clicks on, your skin dehydrates more quickly. One minute, you are in an over-heated living room, or snuggled up to an open fire, the next you are out in the cold, damp air.  Then you are in the car, with the heating blasting in your face, before heading into a warm, stuffy office.

There are scientific reasons why skin struggles when temperatures dip. Indoor heating zaps the moisture from your skin. Outdoors, cold air and low humidity increases trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), causing the skin barrier to degrade. The result is tight, dry, flaky skin which can even sometimes crack, becoming itchy or painful.


Avoid products which will dry out your skin – or block your pores

Under these circumstances, it is vital to rehydrate your skin and maintain a healthy dermal barrier with gentle, but thorough, cleansing and moisturising every morning and evening. Avoid acne products which will further dry your skin, or greasy lotions which will block your pores and lead to spots and pimples. Remember: as skin ages it becomes drier, so be prepared to embrace new skincare formulations.

Elave Sensitive Skin Hydrating Essentials are designed to be used together to cleanse, repair and surge moisture into the skin. Elave Hydrating Cream Cleanser is a unique combination of hydrating emollients and cleansers in a vitamin and aloe vera-enriched formula.  Use twice daily, as directed.

Elave Intense Moisture Surgecombines fractionated coconut oil with shea butter which is rich in vitamin E and natural glycerin to repair and surge moisture into the facial skin, leaving even the driest, most reactive skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.


Wear sunscreen until the end of November to avoid premature ageing

Even in winter, UV levels can be high so we advise using sunscreen until the end of November – and don’t forget those winter sun holidays or ski breaks!  Whenever the sky is blue, your skin is vulnerable to UV damage, which leads to discolouration, uneven pigmentation, fine wrinkles, sagging and dermal ageing.

Elave Sensitive Face & Lip SPF Essentials contain Elave Daily Skin Defence SPF45 and Elave Daily Lip Defence SPF20Protect your skin against environment damage with our dailyoil-free formula with high UVA & UVB protection in an invisible zinc formula infused with antioxidant vitamins B5 & E. Wear on top of your moisturiser and under your SPF makeup foundation. 

Dry, cracked and bleeding lips can be very uncomfortable. Elave Daily Lip Defence SPF20 is an ultra-hydrating lip balm with sunscreen which combines coconut oil, shea butter, naturally-derived lipoamino acid and vitamin E to recondition, smooth and protect lips. A dash of peppermint oil gives a fresh, cooling sensation.

Hydrate and repair skin while you sleep with Elave Rejuvenating Night Treatment, a unique combination of hydrating emollients and glycolic acid arginine complex which promotes cellular regeneration and stimulates collagen synthesis to reveal brighter, younger-looking skin.


Don’t forget to lavish some love on chapped winter hands

Hands can get a battering in cold autumn weather, so lash onElave Hand Treatment Balm with shea butter, ultra-pure fractionated coconut oil, hydrating emollients and vitamin B5 to hydrate, nourish and soften dry, chapped skin.

The good news is that autumn weather can also do some good things for your skin!  A brisk walk will clear your pores, improve circulation, revive tired facial skin, and put a bit of colour in your cheeks.  A daily 20-minute dander in the fresh air will improve your mood, help you sleep at night, and is all you need to stave off vitamin D deficiency.

You can find all these products, and more, at the Gardiner Family Apothecary online shop and at our retail partners, Boots, Tesco, Dunnes Beauty, Chemist Warehouse and community pharmacies.


Elave Skincare and Ovelle ranges of dermatologically-approved free-from natural products are available at gardinerfamilyapothecary.com, Boots, Dunnes Beauty and local pharmacies.

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