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December 02, 2022 2 min read




  • Over half say their confidence takes a hit
  • Nearly half say they feel frustrated by skin flare-ups
  • More than 5/10 say their personal life suffers
  • Social occasions prove the most difficult
  • New skincare products, perfumes & dyes are biggest triggers


Over half the respondents to a survey by Irish skincare brand Elave have revealed that sensitive facial skin reactions definitely affect their confidence.

The survey*, carried out as part of the Elave.Happy.Skin. campaign, confirms that sensitive skin issues affect how people feel about themselves in their personal, social and work lives.  

Nearly half of those questioned said they feel ‘frustrated’ by facial skin irritation, while 1 in 8 (12.5%) say they feel like hiding away.

Three out of 10 respondents reported experiencing sensitive skin reactions every month, while 1 in 10 said they have to cope with irritation on a daily basis.

Over half said their personal life suffers, while nearly 4 out of 10 said their social life is hit. When a facial flare-up occurs, people find social occasions the most difficult, followed nearly equally by work situations and meeting new people.

Four of 10 respondents said they often feel ‘overwhelmed’ by facial sensitive skin flare-ups, with 1 in 4 avoiding a social event. One in 10 said they avoid their partner seeing them without makeup. 

Altogether, the biggest single trigger identified for sensitive skin reactions was new skincare products, perfumes and dyes. 

The current 6-figure Elave.Happy.Skin. TV ad campaign underlines the message that allergen-free skincare that is formulated as safe for sensitive skin is the answer for achieving clear, healthy skin that helps people feel - as well as look - their best.

“The survey confirms what we at Elave already knew from talking to our customers – that sensitive facial skin reactions can really affect people’s confidence,” said Joanna Gardiner, CEO. “Gardiner Family Apothecary have been manufacturing in Ireland since 1934, so we know a thing or two about sensitive skin.

“Whether or not facial skin irritation is as obvious to other people as it is to us, the fact is that the incidence of reactive skin has sky-rocketed in recent decades, particularly in people with dry, sensitive and eczema-prone skin. 

“Red blotchy facial skin can be vastly improved by allergen-free skincare including shampoo, which is one of the biggest triggers for facial skin redness. Keep your face safe from UV light every day and choose skincare that is safe and proven.”

Elave by Gardiner Family Apothecary is 92% vegan (except for beeswax and Manuka honey in select products), 100% cruelty/gluten-free, derma-approved, ethical and sustainable.


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