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Winter Facial Skincare Specifics

December 10, 2021 3 min read

Winter Facial Skincare Specifics

Sensitive Irish winter skin loves Elave

In Ireland, 8 out of 10 people have Type I and II skin – that is, fine, fair, freckly and sensitive. Winter weather can be particularly harsh on Celtic skin, with temperature fluctuations and cold winds stripping moisture and oil from the skin barrier, drying it even further and leaving it vulnerable to itching, cracking and redness.

In a winter skincare survey carried out by Gardiner Family Apothecary, 7 out of 10 people reported having dry, sensitive and eczema/psoriasis prone skin which needs particular care at this time of year. The Elave Skincare range is ideal for sensitive skin types all year-round, but especially when temperatures dip.

Proudly made in Ireland, Elave’s multi award-winning formulations are 92% vegan, 100% gluten and cruelty-free, derma-approved and sustainably produced. They are suitable for all skin types and offer a range of solutions for cleansing, moisturising, repairing and protecting delicate dermis. 


The perfect skincare gift for Christmas

Six convenient Elave Skincare Essentials kits, starting at only €19.95, contain super value full size skincare solutions which are designed to be used together for maximum efficacy and to deliver 360-degree protection for all skin types - but especially sensitive, easily damaged Celtic skin.

Our winter skincare survey found that 9 out of 10 of those who took part said the most important thing for them is that their face looks good.  At this time of year, you can cover up the rest of your body – but your face is always on display and, ironically, is the part of your body most exposed to the elements.

Elave Skin Balancing Essentials kit contains three products to protect your face from UV rays, wind and dehydration. Elave Skin Balancing Cleansing Gel 200mlcontains Manuka honey, vitamin E and camomile to rebalance the skin and protect it from environmental damage. Elave Skin Balancing Moisturiser 50ml is a unique combination ofManuka honey, vitamins B5 & E, natural glycerin and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration and smooth the appearance of fine lines. Elave Sensitive Daily Skin Defence SPF45 50ml is a high UVA & UVB protection in a vitamin-enriched, invisible zinc formula.

One in three people who took part in our survey said that cleansing was an important part of their skincare regime, however many of them had difficulty finding the right cleanser for their skin type and frequently experienced reactions when they tried something new, sparking redness, drying and breakouts.     

Elave Skin Hydrating Essentialskit offers Elave Sensitive Hydrating Cream Cleanser 200ml,a vitamin and aloe vera-enriched formula for the gentle removal of make-up and impurities, teamed with Elave Sensitive Intense Moisture Surge 50ml, a coconut oil and shea butter combination which is naturally rich in vitamin E and glycerin to repair and surge moisture into the skin.


The purest, cleanest and gentlest skincare formulations 

Half the people in our survey identified moisturiser as the key product in their skincare regime. Winter skin loves lashings of Elave, so you can help your skin look and feel its best this winter by using the purest, gentlest, cleanest skincare formulations – that means no sulfates, parabens, MI, dyes, scents, alcohol or preservatives. 

Elave Derma Skincare Essentialskit contains three solutions for top-to-toe hydration and protection. Elave Sensitive Shampoo 250mlis a sulfate-free shampoo for all hair types including dry, damaged, coloured and heat processed hair. Elave Sensitive Body Lotion250mlis a clinically proven, hydrating body lotion with camomile extract. Elave Sensitive Body Wash 250mlis a sulfate-free cleansing wash with camomile recommended for all skin types. 

There is also an Essential kit for men - Elave Sensitive Shave Essentialscontains; Elave Sensitive Men's Shave Balm, Elave Sensitive Shave Gel 100ml,and a free synthetic shaving brush. Elave Baby Skincare Essentialsand Elave Junior Skincare Essentialskits contain baby bath, shampoo and moisturiser which are clinically proven as safe and effective for sensitive young skin.


Elave Skincare’s range of dermatologically-approved free-from natural products is available at gardinerfamilyapothecary.com, Boots, Dunnes Beauty and local pharmacies.

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